We are so grateful to have literally HUNDREDS of 5-star reviews across Google, Yelp, and Facebook. Below is just a small fraction of the reviews we have received from our happy customers. We invite you to thoroughly research us online!

“Clean environment, excellent customer service, fast and affordable procedure. Highly recommended to anyone who needs their tattoo gone!”
— J.L. (Houston, TX)

“Super cool place. Modern and big office, friendly staff, awesome laser. Just went in for a consultation and got a treatment there and then. My tattoo is pretty big and it only took about a minute. Prices were the best of the five other places I checked out in DFW. Pain level was lower than when I got the tattoo. My skin was numbed with cold blowing air. I’m very excited about this!”
— N.C. (Dallas, TX)

“The staff is amazing and caring. The facility is clean and comforting and the lasers are state of the art. I enjoy coming to my visits. I’m going to miss coming when my tattoo is gone.”
— D.S. (Austin, TX)

“Excellent and friendly people. I went with my best friend to get her tattoo removed. I think it is very affordable, certainly much more than it used to be. Watching the laser in action is so cool! Very impressive technology. My bestie barely flinched because the skin was so numb from the cold air. Very professional experience. Thank you”
— G.W. (Houston, TX)

“Loved the people and the environment and the price. Felt very safe and in good hands. Would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to get rid of a past mistake.”
— J.C. (San Antonio, TX)

“I have been impressed with Eraser Clinic since day one, and very glad that I chose to do business with them. These folks are incredibly professional, punctual and on top of every detail…from their helpful reminder texts and flexible scheduling to their top-notch staff. Their lasers are the best in the business and the clinic itself is bright and inviting. I’m getting exactly the results I hoped for, and am grateful to have found a clinic that does such good work. I feel well cared for and look forward to the complete removal of my tattoo. I highly recommend Eraser Clinic.”
— S.L. (Houston, TX)

“This place is amazing. Very clean, professional, and effective. I started seeing results after my first session. I would definitely recommend them.”
— J.C. (San Antonio, TX)

“Every one of my treatments at Eraser Clinic has been great. The staff are very flexible, understanding, and knowledgeable. They have great communication about upcoming appointments as well. Overall I am very pleased with Eraser Clinic!”
— K.I. (The Woodlands, TX)

“Eraser Clinic is awesome. I am on my third session for two different tattoos. The progress I have seen so far is unbelievable. It’s not just the removal process though. It’s the customer experience and care. I absolutely love everyone who works at the Austin location. I have found myself staying after my session and just chatting with them. They such wonderful sweet people. Also the day after calls to make sure everything is fine. You really don’t get that kind of care at any other place. I know because I am currently also getting hair removed from Ideal Image. I feel like a number to them. The interactions are cold and fast and unpleasant. All and all if you want to have tattoos removed, go to Eraser Clinic. You won’t be disappointed.”
— S.H. (Austin, TX)

“Yes! Finally I’ve found a place to remove my hideous tattoo. Great vibe, good prices, super friendly, and very knowledgeable staff. They also use a really convenient online booking system that makes it so easy to book or reschedule if needed. Just a really great experience overall.”
— J.F. (Houston, TX)

“I was definitely nervous about removing my tattoo at first, but what a fantastic experience I had here! Great place, great people, in and out in less than 30 minutes including my consultation and first treatment. The actual laser treatment took less than a minute and hurt less than when I got the tattoo (which took about three hours to put on, haha).”
— J.H. (Dallas, TX)

“I would highly recommend Eraser Clinic to anyone looking to get a tattoo removed. Not only are the staff very friendly and personable and make you feel like family, but they are experts at what they do and so easy to work with. They are very considerate and accommodating, and the appointments are super fast. I’ve gotten really great results so far. All in all, a fantastic business!”
— M.Q. (Houston, TX)

“Great place and they have the absolute nicest staff! I had a ton of questions during my first visit and they made sure to take the time to answer each and every question. I will be going back soon for my third appointment.”
— M.C. (Pflugerville, TX)

“Eraser Clinic offers honesty and quality. I went to another tattoo removal place prior to coming here and the guy there was a hustler and a liar and scared me pretty good. The staff here treated me with care and also gave me a better price. Highly recommended. Thank you for your work.”
— G.A. (Houston, TX)

“It works! Awesome staff and spotless clean facility with parking lot. Like most, I had my consultation and then began my first treatment the same day. They allowed me to roll that first treatment in to a discounted purchase of 5 treatments up front. I have completed those visits and will be purchasing 5 more on my next visit. Keep in mind every tattoo is different. I understand this now that mine is fading and I can see where the heavy hand put ink in deeper than other areas. I am please with the results; though I am not sure I will recognize myself once it is fully removed :)”
— Z.J. (Austin, TX)

“Excellent service and great results. Noticeably lighter after only one session on a giant 3-year old mess on my arm. New Houston location is beautiful.”
— W.E. (Houston, TX)

“Yep, this is the place! About 10 years ago I put a tattoo on my lower back (also known as a tramp stamp) and I have regretted it almost every day since (the only days I didn’t regret it were when I forgot it was there). Each year as bikini season rolls around I dread the thought of people seeing it… Anyway, I did consults at a few laser tattoo removal places in Dallas and like I said before, this is the place! Great staff and prices and it is honestly so darn easy. I was worried about doing this for years, but the procedure is no big deal. Just a minute of little flicks on the skin and you’re done, way better than the agony of getting my tattoo in the first place.”
— A.R. (Dallas, TX)

“I went in for a consultation and left with my first treatment conpleted. Nick is super professional and made me feel at ease as my tattoo WAS on my chest. All of the staff are friendly and professional and the facility is spotless. They even give you to-go care packs after each treatment, and they have free drinks while you wait but the wait is NEVER 2 to 3 minutes past your scheduled time, if not earlier. They are efficent and commited to the goal of removal and when you make an appointment you will receive an email and text reminder. I’d recommend this place to anyone!”
— T.K. (Austin, TX)

“The staff here are very nice. The facility is always super clean and the treatments are very quick. Very professionally run.”
— M.M. (Houston, TX)

“I’m so glad a friend referred this place to me. I have a ring finger tattoo (because being young and dumb happens) that will be gone in 2-3 more visits. Very inexpensive. Clean. Professional. The staff is soooooo down to earth and friendly. I would recommend this place to anybody looking to get a tattoo safely and quickly removed.”
— J.W. (San Antonio, TX)

“These guys are the real deal! Super impressed with the whole experience from booking my initial appointment online to having my first laser session. The treatment is SO FAST and they numbed my skin with freezing cold air so it didn’t feel like anything much worse than a bit of flicking on my skin. I know about a million people with tattoos so I’m going to spread the word about the Eraser Clinic.”
— V.M. (Dallas, TX)

“I have been going to the Eraser Clinic in Houston to remove a tattoo on my ankle. The staff is very nice and they are precise and efficient with their work. My tattoo has been fading nicely with every visit and it’s getting close to being completely removed! I have recommend them to several of my friends looking to remove a mistake from the past (which is a lot of my friends haha). Keep up the good work!”
— J.S. (Houston, TX)

“You know what? These guys actually make getting a tattoo removed (almost) a fun process! Everyone was so friendly and knowledgeable. The prices were cheaper than 3 other places I checked out around Houston, so I just went ahead and did my first treatment right away. It’s an amazing process to watch in person. The lasers are so high tech. Great fading already two weeks later. Thanks”
— C.J. (Houston, TX)

“What a great experience! We called inquiring about a consultation and were beyond pleased to find that we could be seen the same day! Not only that if we were interested in having the removal process started we could do it that day as well! The consultation is also FREE and the technicians Rachel and Annie are so well informed on the topic of laser tattoo removal I felt confident that my fiance would be well taken care of. My favorite part was patiently waiting while enjoying good soft music, tasty sweets and even better conversation. Will definitely use them when The fiance decides to start his laser tattoo removal process because they are easily the most affordable and the only laser tattoo studio that can remove blue ink.”
— A.W. (San Antonio, TX)

“The customer service here is on point! So polite and friendly and professional. You can tell that they really care and are passionate about helping people with their crappy old tattoos and past mistakes. I had a treatment done and bought a package of treatments, so all I need to do now is show up each month. What the laser does to your tattoo instantly is amazing and has to be seen to be believed. Seriously, the technology of laser tattoo removal is fascinating. Anyway, if you’re looking for tattoo removal in Dallas, this is place to come.”
— P.B. (Dallas, TX)

“The space is really cute when you walk in the front door. It feels really relaxing and warm, not cold like a doctor’s office. Great decor and is very clean! All staff was really nice. Had my first treatment this week and can’t wait to see the end result! From signing in, the consultation, actually starting the process, and checking out everything was fast and smooth! I really appreciated how I wasn’t pressured into starting. It didn’t seem like the laser technician was trying to sell me on doing something.”
— E.B. (Houston, TX)

“I went to the Eraser Clinic 3 times while I was TDY in San Antonio. I wish I found them sooner! The staff is friendly, knowledgable, and explained realistic expectations during the initial consultation. Appointments were easily booked. The office is clean and easy to find. My tattoo has faded significantly, with no scarring, or blistering. I will definitely visit again if I’m in the area to finish the job. Thank you so much!”
— S.F. (San Antonio, TX)

“This place is great! The staff is very friendly and professional. I have been twice now and the small tattoo on my lower back has already faded (I saw results immediately). I am looking forward to my next session. The entire process is so fast and easy. I was a little nervous because other people I spoke with about tattoo removal warned me that I would blister. I did not blister at all so that was a relief!”
— V.G. (Boerne, TX)

“I have been going to Eraser Clinic to remove a large black and red tribal tattoo from my arm. The staff are all really nice and professional and they are precise with their work. My tattoo has been very fading nicely and evenly with every visit and no issues at all with skin texture or pigmentation changes. I have recommended them to several of my friends looking for tattoo removal in Houston and I am glad I found this place.”
— J.M. (Houston, TX)

“Wonderful! Clean Office! Professional Staff! The Best!”
— J.P. (Stone Oak, TX)

“Awesome experience! Staff was very friendly and professional and everything was so clean and modern. Loved it!”
— R.K. (The Woodlands, TX)

“As a lady who made a few less-than-intelligent tattoo decisions in my youth, I’ve tried several tattoo removal companies over the last few years. After having 15 sessions (yes, 15 sessions) at 3 other very reputable places, I finally found Eraser Clinic. From the time I walked in until the time I left, my entire experience was excellent. Firstly, the staff are awesome, they even had me laughing at some points. Secondly, they have this device that blows freezing air onto your skin while performing the removal. If it sounds like this wouldn’t do much for pain-alleviation, you’re very much mistaken. It takes a massive amount of the pain away! Thirdly, results. After two sessions here my tattoo is barely visible at all. This place is incredible all round and I would recommend them to anyone looking for laser tattoo removal in the Houston area.”
— J.R. (Houston, TX)

“What a great example of impeccable customer service and true expertise. I felt incredibly welcome and in very safe hands at Eraser Clinic. I’ve been working up to removing my tattoo for years now and I’ve had several consultations at other places in Dallas. This was the first time I felt comfortable enough to actually have a laser treatment and I’m sorry that I waited so long. The price was much more affordable than I expected and much cheaper than the general med-spa places around town.”
— W.J. (Dallas, TX)

“I do not have enough wonderful things to say about eraser clinic. From the very first consultation appointment I felt at ease and among the utmost professionals. I loved the fact that I was able to begin my 1st treatment directly after the consultation. I have had 5 or 6 treatments so far and I am very impressed with the results. I would recommend this clinic to anyone who is wanting to remove an unwanted tattoo.”
— E.E. (Austin, TX)

“The staff is amazing and the procedure is quick, easy, and nearly pain free (nearly). The results continue to show. I am very impressed with the progress.”
— T.K. (Houston, TX)

“Very professional and clean environment. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Good experience all around!”
— D.B. (Waco, TX)

“My experience with the Eraser Clinic has been great so far. While it is not ideal to have to spend money, time, and be in pain, you absolutely still want to have your tattoo removed! This is the place to go if you want professional and friendly service. I’m only getting 5 treatments to fade my tattoos so I can do a coverup. Two sessions in and it’s looking great. I might not even need all 5 before my tattoo artist can get back to work on my arm. I look forward to my next treatment!”
— N.C. (Houston, TX)

“If you’re looking for tattoo removal in Dallas then Eraser Clinic is the place to go. I have been trying to remove my tattoo for years and I’ve visited at least eight other places in Dallas. I had almost given up on removal until I saw with my own eyes what the laser at Eraser has done to the DENSE ink in my tattoo. After just one treatment it has faded big time. The shading is completely gone and I can see diminishment in the intensity of the outlines too. I have no idea what those other places were doing when I went in for sessions (especially one establishment near downtown that shall remain nameless…) but in any case I’m very happy I have found a reputable place to complete my tattoo removal. Here’s to being ink-free!”
— G.R. (Dallas, TX)

“Extremely courteous and professional establishment.”
— R.G. (Bastrop, TX)

“Eraser clinic is wonderful! The office is very clean and modern. The staff is very professional and knowledgeable. Highly recommend!”
— J.J. (Austin, TX)

“I got my 1st session done yesterday and I thought the place was so nice and the people there are so friendly! Very informative and sweet people! Seeing some fading already and looking forward to my next treatment. Amazing laser equipment there!”
— M.C. (Houston, TX)

“I’m so happy I went to Eraser Clinic for my tattoo removal. The initial consultation was free and I appreciated their honesty in explaining and answering my millions of questions. The laser technician was so nice and made me feel very comfortable, I was even laughing at bit during my session. It did hurt, but it was over in like 10 seconds. I liked all of the reminder and follow-up calls/texts. Great value and a great experience.”
— J.M. (Houston, TX)

“Friendly staff, and I have a great experience every time I go!”
— A.H. (Austin, TX)

“The staff at Eraser Clinic are so amazing. They’re are warm and welcoming! They are very supportive in any decisions you may take on tattoo removals or continuing your journey with the tattoo you may have had in question. Visit them if you have any questions, they will be more than happy to give you a consult. The procedure was harmless in my personal opinion but different people have different tolerance for pain. Give it a shot and enjoy!”
— D.V. (Austin, TX)

“LOVE this place! Everyone here is super nice, professional, and knowledgeable about tattoo removal. I completely trust them with my skin. Office is clean and trendy, prices are very reasonable. Don’t go to a tattoo shop for your removal, go to Eraser Clinic.”
— J.H. (Houston, TX)

“The Eraser Clinic is simply great. I’ve had two treatments so far and my tattoo is more than halfway gone. Watching the fading progress has been amazing. My wife can’t believe how quickly my much-hated “tramp stamp” is disappearing. Summer 2018 will be the first summer in 12 years that I’ll be able to wear my speedo without shame! The prices are the cheapest of two other places I checked out and this place just seems way more legit anyway. Super impressed overall and I can highly recommend this business.”
— J.J. (Dallas, TX)

“They are so friendly and down to the point. They know their stuff very very well. Results are amazing!”
— C.H. (Sugar Land, TX)

“I’m two sessions in to my tattoo removal and I’m so glad I chose Eraser Clinic! Their staff has always been wonderful and professional. My favorite part about them is their website and scheduling procedures. Every time I make an appointment, I get text and email alerts and reminders. If I need to change or reschedule, it’s as easy as clicking the email link and moving the appointment myself online. Highly recommend them!”
— A.S. (San Antonio, TX)

“The staff who work here have beyond exceeded their costumer service expectations. I’ve had my tattoo for almost 4 years and with my 3rd removal already looks really faded. I would recommend Eraser Clinic to anyone!”
— I.A. (Houston, TX)

“Such a great place. Friendly staff, nice office, and most importantly the best lasers. I was going to the one in Austin before they opened the location in San Antonio. Five sessions in, my tattoo is almost gone, and I’m already looking forward to next summer. Highly, highly recommend this place.”
— B.C. (San Antonio, TX)

“After just 2 treatments I am astonished by how much my tattoo has faded. The clinic is very clean and everyone is welcoming and friendly. My technician was professional and informative about the procedure. Of course I was a little nervous, but he allayed all of those fears and more. He chatted with me calmly during the treatment and I was amazed that after only about 15 seconds I was all done. The entire experience was fast, thorough, informative, and reassuring. The second visit was exactly the same, and I have no problem to recommend Eraser Clinic to anyone who needs tattoo removal in Houston.”
— S.W. (Houston, TX)

“I recently had my third removal session and I am seeing great fading. I was realistic going in and knew it wouldn’t be an overnight change (that’s important to keep in mind no matter where you choose to go). It’s exciting for me right now as I watch my regret fade off! Haha. The team there are very friendly and make sure you are comfortable. The process is so fast! The price is reasonable (definitely worth it) and the service is great. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”
— K.D. (San Antonio, TX)

“Wonderful! Clean office! Professional staff! The best!”
— J.P. (Baytown, TX)

“I was referred here by one of my friends and I have to say I was very impressed. Nice and clean and welcoming office, staff was great! On-time appointments, no waiting like other places, and the session was quick. Seeing great results after just a couple of sessions! Highly recommend Eraser Clinic.”
— M.P. (Austin, TX)

“Eraser Clinic is a fantastic place and I would absolutely recommend checking it out if you are looking for tattoo removal. The staff is extremely welcoming and provide the best customer service I’ve ever experienced anywhere.”
— F.D. (Bastrop, TX)

“This place is great! It is nice inside and the treatment is a quick in and out. They are diligent about reminding you of your appointments, important when they’re six weeks apart. They are also incredibly flexible with scheduling. The prices are very reasonable, and slowly but surely my tattoo is disappearing. Highly recommend.”
— R.E. (San Antonio, TX)

“I am SO pleased with my experience thus far at Eraser Clinic. My tattoo has faded a great deal even after one session. I just had my second tattoo removal treatment a few days ago and it looks even better. Bye, bye bad decision :)”
— R.R. (Round Rock, TX)

“Eraser Clinic does tattoo removal ONLY. I am very happy with the results of my treatments there. I advise people against the general laser establishments as they are not as trained or as knowledgeable. I also highly advice against the acids/bleaches/sandpaper methods, it is 100-year old technology and speaking from experience it seriously scars the skin making it nearly impossible to tattoo afterwards. Be smart, go to a proven place with proven technology and track record.”
— J.C. (Houston, TX)

“Excellent service and great results. Noticeably lighter after only one session on a giant black and red 3-year-old mess on my arm. The new Houston location is beautiful and relaxing.”
— B.J. (Houston, TX)

“This place was great. In and out in no time at all, and the pricing is very fair. The removal process itself is a piece of cake. It’s professional yet relaxed and I’m happy with the progress.”
— E.S. (Lakeway, TX)

“I just finished my fourth visit with Eraser Clinic. Not only are they polite and professional, but the techs makes sure you are comfortable the whole time. The whole staff exceeds any and all expectations of mine. They have glasses so you can watch while they zap you! Amazing service, customer service, advice, and job knowledge. No empty promises and more than fair pricing.”
— J.T. (Austin, TX)

“I love this place! The staff are friendly and professional, the office itself is clean and modern, the technology is the latest and greatest, and most importantly (for me at least) the prices are cheaper than two other places I checked out before coming here. I felt so comfortable and confident after my initial free consultation that I had my first treatment right away. It took less than a minute and really just felt like some flicking on my skin, definitely much better than how it felt getting the tattoo in the first place. This is the place to come for tattoo removal in Dallas!”
— A.M. (Dallas, TX)

“This place is amazing! The staff is very friendly and accommodating and the machine is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. They go above and beyond to make your experience enjoyable and pleasant. I would recommend this place to all my friends and family. Gracias!”
— R.E. (Houston, TX)

“You guys rock!!! My little mistake is almost dust after two treatments. And it couldn’t have been better timing with the big interview coming up. Thank you, thank you, thank you”
— E.H. (Austin, TX)

“Eraser Clinic have been awesome so far! They have been very understanding with scheduling issues due to a very long drive into the city. The service I get there along with the results I am seeing from the removal will keep me coming back. Great job! Thanks so much!”
— L.F. (Corpus Christi, TX)

“I had my first visit last week. They are extremely welcoming and professional. During the session they use a cooling device which is extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this place. I did a lot of research before and I would definitely say this place over any other one. I walked out with my consultation and first session completed and the next session scheduled. I would definitely recommend Eraser Clinic.”
— D.W. (Conroe, TX)

“Very clean facility and friendly staff! My next visit will be my third session. Tattoo is fading very nicely. To be honest the first session I saw very minimal results, but was determined to see if the process worked. Each session thereafter I could see great results. Session lasted about 1 minute. I’m hoping 7 will be the miraculous number for 100% removal.”
— . (New Braunfels, TX)

“I had my first session Saturday and I was really nervous beforehand. All the staff there are great! The place is clean and well-decorated and the prices are not outrageous in the slightest. I am looking forward to my second time as I will better know what to expect now.”
— C.T. (San Antonio, TX)

“What can I say other than it was a great experience overall. The clinic staff were very friendly, the procedure was quick and fast and less much painful with the freezing cold air. I highly recommend people going to Eraser Clinic Tattoo Removal.”
— A.E. (San Antonio, TX)

“I went in last month for a free consultation. Being the first time that I had spoken to anyone about having my tattoo removed, I wasn’t sure that I would start quite yet. But my consultation went so well that I bought a package and started immediately! They gave me very realistic expectations, good pricing, and even though the removal lasering isn’t too fun, it was actually a pleasant experience overall. After only one treatment, I am seeing amazing results, especially on the shading. A happy customer here for sure.”
— G.R. (Houston, TX)

“Excellent service! Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very clean and chic with a great location. Procedure was quick and not too painful at all. Best way to describe it is getting flicked with an elastic band for twenty seconds.”
— R.P. (Stone Oak, TX)

“I had such a wonderful experience at Eraser Clinic considering that it was a tattoo removal procedure being done! Everyone was very professional and friendly. I will be returning until my tattoo is completely gone. Thanks”
— A.D. (San Antonio, TX)

“The staff are super friendly and make the process as quick and painless as it can be! I’ve had 5 treatments at other places in San Antonio. Will be using them exclusively to get my tattoo removed form now on.”
— A.R. (San Antonio, TX)

“The whole experience was very professional. The staff was comforting and honest. There was no pressure and no unrealistic expectations given. I’d highly recommend going through with getting the service if you have been contemplating getting a tattoo removed. Good job on keeping the place fun and well decorated too.”
— T.G. (Austin, TX)

“This will be long process for my large colorful tattoo… The staff was completely honest, telling me what I can expect in terms of results over time. I know that this will not be some magical experience where my tattoo is removed over night. Nick, the laser technician, was awesome. He put me at ease, explaining the process as he went. I have full confidence in his abilities, and I can’t wait to see results.”
— A.R. (Austin, TX)

“For all those who also have ink-related mistakes to take care of, you should give Eraser Clinic a try. Professional and clean and the staff is great. They are very upfront about what results you should expect and how long it will take. Compared to other laser places I checked out this place is the best price-wise. I already see results two days after my first session and I can’t wait to go back again. Also, not painful at all.”
— W.S. (New Braunfels, TX)

“Incredible. Nick is so knowledgeable about the process and manages your expectations. The tattoo will not go away on the first visit … it is a process that he does a great job of explaining. The results are (eventually) amazing! The clinic is nice, clean, comfortable, and private. If you are regretting some ink, head to Eraser Clinic.”
— H.W. (Sugar Land, TX)

“When I went to my appointment to check this place out, I found that everyone and everything was very professional. Nicholas answered all of my questions and was very attentive to my goals. I went to another tattoo removal place, and it felt like they were doing me a favor… Here, it seems like they actually care about their customers. And the prices are a lot cheaper too.”
— M.S. (Cedar Park, TX)

“Awesome Staff! Nick and Rachel are the best, super sweet and professional. Nice location and great setup. Reasonable prices, amazing results so far.”
— M.W. (Georgetown, TX)

“After visiting numerous tattoo removal places and going over all the pros and cons of each laser, I’m so glad I found Eraser Clinic. It was referred to me by a friend who has had promising results from just a few sessions. It was definitely the best choice, I tried the Picosure laser and its intensity just wasn’t for me. This laser is less harsh but still very effective and you’re in and out in no time at all. I have many tattoos that need removal and I feel confident that Nick will ensure I’m pleased with my end result!”
— I.T. (Austin, TX)

“From walking into the door to walking out, the friendliness, politeness, and professionalness was incredible. The treatment cost was far less than I was paying elsewhere and the results after session #1 here are amazing. Many areas of my tattoos are basically gone. There’s no gimmick or scam going on here. Totally legit and awesome. This is the place to go when you want a tattoo removed!”
— J.S. (San Antonio, TX)

“This was my second appointment to remove a tattoo on my wrist. I’m already seeing the tattoo breaking up and fading really well. I arrived really early, but I was taken in immediately and had my treatment, which took just a few minutes. The location is easy to get to with plenty of parking right out front. I cannot say enough good things about Eraser Clinic and the employees. It’s a great experience. I will post again after my next treatment.”
“I had a small homemade tattoo removed (3 sessions) by Nick who was really nice and thoroughly explained my options, but did not set me up to have unrealistic expectations either. Modern and inviting office space. Not intimidating at all. Very fair pricing.”
— J.F. (San Marcos, TX)

“I have always had such pleasant experiences regardless of the discomfort of the actual treatment (which is very fast). No pain no gain right?! I could not be more satisfied with the results so far and am so excited to be rid of this tattoo for good. I always ask a ton of questions and Nick has no problem being specific with his answers.”
“Professional, friendly, and helpful staff. Very clean and nice office. And by the way, the laser tattoo removal treatment did not hurt at all.”
— C.W. (Waco, TX)

“I can see more progress in just one session at Eraser than five sessions at my med spa! Staff is nice and friendly. Very nice office, love their decor. They are reasonably priced and are up to date with the latest technology. I would definitely recommend Eraser Clinic to anyone who wants to get rid of their unwanted tattoos.”
— D.M. (Austin, TX)

“There is no question that this place deserves its high ratings. Nick is extremely knowledgeable about the work he is doing and does a fantastic job at explaining the process. On top of it, he is amazing at making the process as comfortable as possible. I was considering trying out some other tattoo removal places, but after my experience at Eraser Clinic I can’t imagine going anywhere else.”
— R.H. (Austin, TX)

“It was my first time at Eraser Clinic, but I have had many laser sessions in the past elsewhere. Nick and the front desk girl were friendly and helpful with all questions. The price per session for my very large tattoo was the best in town, and believe me I have done my research! The machines are super high tech and did not hurt much at all. Very pleased with this place and look forward to my next session. My tattoo has already faded dramatically with just one session there.”
— E.D. (Austin, TX)

“After trying to schedule an appointment with their competitor for over a week with no luck, I did a Google search and found Eraser Clinic. I then booked an appointment online in less then 30 seconds! The staff is great, Nick explained everything in detail and the price was very reasonable. The procedure took less then 5 minutes for multiple tattoos. I am SO glad I found this place and I’ll definitely refer them to my friends.”
“I was extremely pleased with the great service and experience at Eraser Clinic last week. Nick was really nice and patient and kind. After my consultation, I decided to do the treatment straight away, and it took literally less than 10 seconds! Today, my tat is fading with no soreness or pain.”
— C.H. (Killeen, TX)

“I’ve been to Eraser Clinic several times this year and each experience has been just great. Friendly staff, super clean office, and easy scheduling. I am amazed at how well everything is coming along and would definitely recommend Eraser Clinic to anyone who is looking to have a tattoo removed or faded.”
“Professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and easygoing staff. The procedure itself was quick and the expectations are realistic. Awesome experience and I will continue my treatments at Eraser Clinic until my ugly tattoo is all gone :-)”
— C.I. (Spring, TX)

“Eraser Clinic is professional, friendly, and fast. Reasonable prices and great staff. I am 4 sessions into my tattoo removal and I am seeing some incredible fading.”
— T.C. (Killeen, TX)

“Knowledgeable staff and a professional experience is what you get at Eraser Clinic. The results are great. I just finished my 3rd session and I am extremely happy. You won’t find a better place in Austin.”
— L.K. (Killeen, TX)

“LOVE this place. Nick is great, so kind and reassuring and knowledegable. Beautiful sparkling clean location with an awesome staff.”
— D.L. (Seguin, TX)

“I honestly don’t think that there are enough nice things to say about Eraser Clinic. I had heard so many stories about how uncomfortable tattoo removal was, etc. I needed to remove 2 tattoos and I was a little bit scared. Listen up, chickens: it was not nearly as painful as getting the tattoos! It was no big deal at all! Nick is amazing and makes you feel so comfortable. It’s quick, nearly painless, and actually really exciting because each session brings you that much closer to erasing a mistake.”
— V.Z. (San Antonio, TX)

“Eraser Clinic is a very good place to get your tattoos removed. With myself being 29 years old and a little scared of doing it, I walked right in and talked to the receptionist. Her ability to answer the questions and being able to talk about it since she does it herself made me so much more comfortable. Nick, who removes the tattoo and is actually the manager talks you through each step, answers any questions, and always makes sure you are alright. Their service is great, the results are great, and I HIGHLY recommend them.”
— T.G. (Austin, TX)

“Eraser Clinic is the BEST! I can’t recommend them highly enough. Easy in, easy out, great fading. What more could you ask for? Great place, great staff and great work. You’re dealing with the best in the business!”
— R.B. (Round Rock, TX)

“Eraser Clinic is professional, friendly, and fast. Reasonable prices and great staff. I am 4 sessions into my tattoo removal and I am seeing some incredible fading.”
— T.C. (Katy, TX)

“Knowledgeable staff and a professional experience is what you get at Eraser Clinic. The results are great. I just finished my 3rd session and I am extremely happy. You won’t find a better place in Austin.”
— L.K. (Austin, TX)

“LOVE this place. Nick is great, so kind and reassuring and knowlegable. Beautiful sparkling clean location with an awesome staff.”
— L.K. (Temple, TX)

“Nick and the rest of the Eraser Clinic staff are the best! Friendly, clean, quick, relatively painless (it is a tad uncomfortable, but only for a few seconds). The tattoo removal process is quick and simple. I’d do it a million times over to rid myself of a few mistakes. I wouldn’t even consider going anywhere else!”
— J.B. (Austin, TX)

” I have nothing to say but very good things. Really friendly staff, really clean and professional environment, awesome waiting room candy and drinks. They even called back the following day to see if everything was going alright and if I had any questions. The whole experience was exceptional and fantastic. This is a very well-run, top-notch business.”
— C.H. (Austin, TX)

“Eraser Clinic provides provides a top-of-the-line laser tattoo removal experience. The establishment is beautiful and clean. The prices are very reasonable. Each session is quick, yet very effective. And the team there are friendly and accommodating. I can’t see myself going to get my tattoo removed at any other place!”
— L.W. (Georgetown, TX)

“I have nothing to say but very good things. Really friendly staff, really clean and professional environment, awesome waiting room candy and drinks. They even called back the following day to see if everything was going alright and if I had any questions. The whole experience was exceptional and fantastic. This is a very well-run and top-notch business.”
— C.H. (Katy, TX)

“Not only are the prices very reasonable, but the staff is friendly and very professional. I am currently enlisted in the military and I plan on furthering my career by becoming a fighter jet pilot. Due to the new strict tattoo regulations, my current ink would have made it impossible for me to achieve my goal. Eraser Clinic did a fantastic job in explaining the process and took the time to make sure I understood everything before moving forward. And the treatments are no big deal at all!”
— T.S. (Leander, TX)

“I’ve been to other tattoo removal shops in the past and I can honestly say that Eraser Clinic is the best by far. Very reasonably priced and very professional. I would definitely recommend this place to my friends or anyone else who’s interested in getting a tattoo removed.”
— M.R. (San Marcos, TX)

“Overall a really great experience. The team was really nice and made me feel completely at ease. They even gave me a follow-up call today just to see how I was doing! I’m glad I went to Eraser Clinic to get my tattoo removed. Very clean office, and very nice and professional people.”
— V.P. (Round Rock, TX)

“I had been going to a place way up in north Austin before coming to Eraser Clinic. I made an appointment online, which is so convenient. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. I had my free consultation and ended up having the first treatment afterwards. Having had two treatments elsewhere I found the discomfort during and after to be far less intense. The laser technician called me the day after the treatment to check in and see how things were going, which was a really nice touch!”
— S.F. (Austin, TX)

“Awesome experience, friendly staff. Have been treated at various med spas for tattoo removal and the pain was definitely much less at Eraser Clinc. Not sure if they just have better quality lasers or what. Prices are lower than most others in the area as well.”
— D.W. (San Antonio, TX)

“For me tattoo removal is a slow and uncomfortable process, period. But the staff at Eraser Clinic make the whole experience much more pleasant. They have flexible scheduling and payment options, the clinic is very inviting, Rachel at the front desk is friendly and professional, and Nick’s expert knowledge and empathetic demeanor during the treatments make the entire experience deserve 5 stars for sure.”
— L.M. (Austin, TX)

“This place wins for first impressions! I loved the design and feel of the reception area. Then they answered all my questions and were very friendly and professional. Nick is well trained and knows what he is doing. The prices are very reasonable, and he told me how many sessions it could take and explained the waiting period between sessions, and showed me some before and after pictures. The whole place is very clean and classy. I felt totally comfortable and confident at Eraser Clinic.”
— S.T. (Cedar Park, TX)

“I conducted a ton of research before finally deciding on Eraser Clinic. If I had known it was going to be this easy, I’d have made the decision to come in months ago. The team are friendly and professional, which is very important for a service such as this. I am truly looking forward to my future sessions.”
— D.B. (Lakeway, TX)

“I came in for the free consultation and was so impressed I ended up having my first session done right away. Everyone was so nice and comforting that my nerves faded away. The procedure itself took less than 2 minutes. It was a bit uncomfortable but not nearly as bad as I was preparing myself up for! I can’t wait for my next session and for this tattoo to be completely gone.”
— M.V. (Temple, TX)

“Eraser Clinic is the best! I’ve done my research on tattoo removal places and this place was just so welcoming, fast, and comfortable. I recommend them to everyone I know who is thinking about getting a tattoo removed (which is a lot of people). I see a major difference and so do my friends and family. The results are amazing and it is affordable, so you can’t beat that.”
— E.L. (Pflugerville, TX)

“Clear and concise on instructions and expectations. In and out in no time at all. Perfect pricing. I would recommend this place to anyone!”
— R.S. (Spring Branch, TX)

“After visiting many tattoo removal establishments and going through all the pros and cons of each laser, I’m so glad I found Eraser Clinic. It was referred to me by a friend who had promising results from just a few sessions. It was definitely the best choice. I tried the Picosure laser and its intensity just wasn’t for me. This laser is less painful and you’re in and out in no time. I have a lot tattoos that need removal and I feel confident that Eraser Clinic will ensure that I am pleased with the end result.”
— L.H. (Austin, TX)

“Excellent service, great people, flexible appointment scheduling.”
— R.S. (Round Rock, TX)

“I have to say that my experience at Eraser Clinic exceeded all expectations. Not only was the staff incredibly friendly, professional and accommodating, but the procedure was actually much better than I expected. It is a quick in-and-out, and not even painful at all. I cannot recommend Eraser Clinic enough.”
— M.G. (League City, TX)

“I had my first session at Eraser Clinic and I am more than pleased. Not only was my visit professional but it was very informative. The office was nice, and the staff made me feel right at home. I was nervous because of the pain I expected, but surprisingly it was quite comfortable, and it literally took 2 minutes. Thank you, thank you, thank you! If you are looking for tattoo removal look no further: you’ve found the best place.”
— J.S. (San Antonio, TX)

“This place is great! As a dark skinned African American I was worried about skin discoloration. I called several different places for information. Most where unhelpful and some outright rude. From my first call to Eraser Clinic I received nothing but extremely polite and courteous service. They are very knowledgable and made me feel comfortable. Four sessions in and I have had no skin issues and I am very happy with the progress.”
— L.J. (Round Rock, TX)

“I have a large back tattoo that I am lightening before covering up with new art. Each treatment I see a difference so two thumbs up for Eraser Clinic.”
— C.M. (Pearland, TX)

“I just walked in to get some information on tattoo removal. They were welcoming and knowledgeable, and were able to fit me in the same day. Very pleased with the first session and will be going back again. Anyone looking into getting a tattoo removed should definitely check out Eraser Clinic.”
— S.G. (Austin, TX)

“Great place. Facilities and decor are very nice (and new). Would highly recommend, excellent service and very professional. Plenty of parking right out front.”
— K.W. (Austin, TX)

“My experience at Eraser Clinic was awesome! I have had tattoo removal done before and this was the best and most professional by far. Looking forward to continuing my treatments.”
— J.P. (Cedar Park, TX)

“Great experience today at Eraser Clinic. Comfortable office setting put me at ease right away. The treatment was fast and pretty painless overall.”
— K.E. (Austin, TX)

“The Eraser Clinic staff were very professional and really to great care of me to make sure I had a good visit. I went to two other tattoo removal places (a doctor that was WAY too expensive and another a tattoo shop that did not inspire confidence). Nothing really to even nit-pick on, it’s just a quality establishment.”
— P.F. (Round Rock, TX)

“Really good experience overall, for both the consultation and my first treatment. I’m seeing some great results after just one treatment of my DIY tattoo.”
— W.A. (Austin, TX)

“Such a good business! Clean, friendly, knowledgable, professional. The treatment itself is quick and easy. The pain is about the same as getting the tattoo, but it’s over in less than a minute.”
— O.E. (Cedar Park, TX)

“I had been to another tattoo removal in Austin and had a very unprofessional experience, so I was pleasantly surprised today when I went to Eraser Clinic. The staff were very knowledgable and answered all of the questions I would have asked before I could ask them. I felt comfort and at ease, and I’ll definitely be back.”
— T.U. (Austin, TX)

“This is the place to go for laser tattoo removal in Austin. From the easy online booking to the patient, kind, and honest team at the clinic, everything was just perfect.”
— V.H. (Austin, TX)

“Super professional tattoo removal shop. Very knowledgeable on the laser process and they keep you informed about what they are doing and why. I’d recommend Eraser Clinic to anyone.”
— J.P. (Pasadena, TX)

“This place is wonderful and I would highly recommend to visit Nicholas at Eraser Clinic. I have already booked my next four treatments. Goodbye tattoo!”
— A.F. (Leander, TX)

“Eraser Clinic was exceptional. Great service and fair prices. The team was helpful and sincere and really try to give the best experience possible.”
— J.D. (San Antonio, TX)

“This place has such good customer service. Great environment, impressive technology, and the results speak for themselves.”
— K.L. (Round Rock, TX)

“Knowledgeable, friendly, skilled. I have total faith in the team at Eraser Clinic.”
— R.K. (Austin, TX)

“I was very nervous about the tattoo removal process, but honestly it’s not so bad. Compared to actually getting the tattoo, it hurts less and it’s over so much quicker. Really great experience.”
— S.H. (Cedar Park, TX)

Eraser Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal is rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by 594 reviewers