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We have the absolute best technology currently available for laser tattoo removal in 2019.

Our friendly staff are the most experienced because we run the busiest clinics in Texas.

We have the most extensive gallery of before & after photos of any clinic in the nation.

Our everyday lowest pricing beats any reputable competitor, starting at just $59 per treatment.

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Before & After Photoslaser tattoo removal before and after photos
View our extensive gallery of laser tattoo removal before and after photos.

Treatment Videoslaser tattoo removal treatment videos
See our lasers in action in these videos of actual tattoo removal treatments.

How It All Workshow laser tattoo removal works
Discover the science behind laser tattoo removal and why it is so effective.

Tattoo Removal FAQslaser tattoo removal frequently asked questions
Have questions about laser tattoo removal? We have the answers.

Our Laser Technologyour laser technology
The latest and most advanced laser technology: the 2018 Quanta EVO.

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Feel comfortable in the professional, relaxing atmosphere of Eraser Clinic.

Charitable Givingeraser clinic charitable giving
Eraser Clinic donates 2.5% of profits to support some very worthwhile causes.