To ensure that you get the most from your laser tattoo removal treatments, please note just a few simple tips before your appointment.

Prepare For Your Treatment

  • Before your appointment make sure that the treatment area is clean. If your tattoo is covered by thick hair, please shave beforehand.
  • To your appointment wear comfortable clothing that (i) will not rub against the treatment area and (ii) allows you to easily expose the treatment area. If your tattoo is on the waistline, wear looser fitting pants or sweatpants, and do not wear a belt. The treatment area will be sensitive for a couple of days so you want to avoid irritation.
  • After your appointment be sure to follow the aftercare instructions as directed. We will supply the necessary ointments and dressings to care for the treatment area for several days.
  • Be sure to have no plans to go swimming in the days following your laser tattoo removal treatment. To prevent infection, we advise that you do not soak the treated area for three days after your treatment.

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