UPDATE (10/01/2018)
Dear clients, we just upgraded the lasers at all Eraser Clinic locations to the top-of-the-line 2018 Quanta EVO — the only ones in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio! You can expect faster fading and fewer treatments and flawless results, no matter the ink color or skin color or size of tattoo. We are committed to always having the very best technology available, and right now no other laser system can compare to the 2018 Quanta EVO. We hope to see you soon and look forward to removing your unwanted tattoos!

Eraser Clinic uses hands-down the best tattoo removal lasers that money can buy in 2018. We are the only provider that has invested in this incredibly effective tattoo removal technology. Many other providers are still using the “latest lasers” from several years ago.

We encourage you to read this page and watch the videos below to learn why Eraser Clinic is your best choice for laser tattoo removal.

Our Laser Tattoo Removal Technology

Eraser Clinic invests in the best technology to provide unparalleled results for our patients. We exclusively use Astanza laser systems to achieve ideal tattoo removal results. Specifically, we use the Astanza Trinity 2.0 laser system (the Duality and Eternity set), as featured in the video below.

Benefits of the Astanza Trinity 2.0

Several aspects of the Astanza Trinity laser system are worth highlighting because it really sets Eraser Clinic apart from our competitors.

  • High Power = Faster Removal Results
  • Short Pulse Duration = Minimized Discomfort and Side Effects
  • High Repetition Rate = Faster Treatments
  • Even Energy Application = Safe For All Skin Types
  • Triple Wavelengths = Treats All Ink Colors

Friendly staff and a relaxing clinic environment are both important to your tattoo removal experience, but we know that the results you achieve are your top priority. That is why we choose to use the best laser technology available, and that is why you should choose to trust Eraser Clinic with your laser tattoo removal.

Any Tattoo, Any Ink Color, Any Skin Type

The Astanza Trinity is an advanced, high-powered Nd:YAG + Ruby laser specifically designed to provide impressive tattoo removal results. It can treat the full spectrum of colors and is safe to use on all skin types.

For difficult-to treat tattoos, Eraser Clinic uses a 694nm Ruby laser for treating blue, green, and resistant black inks. Used together, our lasers can effectively remove and fade every tattoo color available.

Minimum Discomfort, Maximum Results

zimmer-cryo-6Eraser Clinc also uses the Zimmer Cryo 6 chiller to blast cold air at the tattoo treatment area before, during, and after treatment for increased patient comfort and dramatically reduced discomfort. The Cryo 6 blows cold air at -20°F to numb deep into the skin where ink is located. Eraser Clinic patients rave about the instant cooling effect and the decreased sensitivity during treatment.

Because the Cryo 6 makes the laser tattoo removal procedure more comfortable for patients, we are able to treat tattoo ink more aggressively than other clinics, ensuring that we remove your tattoo in fewer sessions.