Why Do You Need To Use Multiple Lasers?

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To remove a tattoo completely, we need to target the ink with several different wavelengths of light over the course of your treatments. This is why it is so important to choose a laser tattoo removal clinic with these capabilities and why using the most advanced (i.e. newest) laser technology not only ensures that removal is possible, but also safe and effective.

We generally use a 1064nm wavelength during your first few sessions. This wavelength is most effective at targeting shades of black and other dark pigments, and also removes all of the “dirt” or dark shading that is mixed in with the other colors.

Because black pigment absorbs virtually every wavelength of light, it is important to remove enough of it so that we don’t overwhelm the skin. For example, red ink will tend to come out a lot faster than other colors, so we use the 532nm wavelength on red ink once most of the black or darker inks have faded. This helps to maintain a safe level of energy on your skin and minimizes any adverse reactions during the aftercare process.

We use the PicoWay 785 laser for treating blues, greens, turquoises, and in later treatments of stubborn black inks once we’ve removed enough black ink with the 1064nm.

Used together, our lasers can effectively remove every tattoo color available, and your skin will look clear and healthy once the tattoo has been removed.

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