What to Look For in a Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic

Have you been eyeing one (or multiple) of your tattoos, wondering what it’d be like if it were gone? Fresh skin – either ready for new ink or maybe nothing at all – can be a reality if you want it to be. Not with wishful thinking or magical tattoo removal creams, but with the only proven tattoo removal method: laser tattoo removal.

But where do you start once you decide you want to have your tattoo removed? Most people Google search “tattoo removal” or “laser tattoo removal” which will yield dozens and dozens of results. It can be overwhelming and for many, it’s harder to research tattoo removal than it is to research a tattoo artist!

To help alleviate some of the confusion from your search, we’ve outlined below some of the key factors you need to look for with any clinic you choose for tattoo removal. Not all tattoo removal providers are the same or uphold the same standards of service. Just like you wouldn’t trust your skin with just any tattoo artist, you shouldn’t trust your removal with just any laser tattoo removal clinic.

What to look for in a laser tattoo removal provider:

  1. State of the art technology
  2. Emphasizes customer experience
  3. Extensive before and after gallery
  4. Has been in business for a few years
  5. Great reviews

State of the art technology

There is absolutely no comparison to picosecond laser technology right now. For years, nanosecond technology dominated the laser tattoo removal industry, but it has since been eclipsed significantly by picosecond lasers. Picosecond technology (especially when delivered by a PicoWay laser) means faster treatments, faster healing, and overall a better tattoo removal process.

Emphasizes customer experience
Every company should care about their clientele – period. Their hard-earned dollars are what keep businesses going, day after day. In return, all companies should treat their customers/clients with respect, dignity, and gratitude. If you go in for a consultation with a laser tattoo removal provider and get the feeling they don’t really care about you or your tattoo, get out of there – fast! You will be working closely with your treatment provider for months (and potentially years) to come, so you want to make sure you feel valued and like you are getting the absolute best treatments possible for your tattoo removal. It’s your skin, your personal comfort, your money, and your time. All of them are valuable and your interactions with the clinic staff should reflect that.

Extensive before and after gallery
Just like a tattoo shop needs to have an extensive portfolio of their artist’s work, a laser tattoo removal provider needs to have an extensive portfolio that shows off their successful tattoo removal treatments. The skin in the “after” photos should ideally not contain any shadows of remaining ink, hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin), hypopigmentation (lightening of the skin), or newly developed scarring.

Has been in business for several years
In any industry, a weak business will generally shutter its doors within the first year. It takes not only business and management savvy to run a profitable business, but it is also largely dependent on offering a product or service that customers want and are willing to pay for. Disreputable laser tattoo removal clinics will not last long if their clientele is unhappy with the services provided, as a bad tattoo removal treatment can scare off a customer forever – and spread the word in person and online about their negative experience.

Great reviews
Google, Facebook, and Yelp are a helpful place to start narrowing down a search for any kind of business or service provider. Just by glancing at the star rating and the number of reviews a business has, you can generally get a good idea of which companies should be your top considerations. Dig into the reviews themselves to see what clients have to say about their experience: whether the equipment was up-to-date, if the staff treated them well, etc. Their comments are a good indicator of what your experience will be like.

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