Tips For Hiding A Tattoo

Do you have a tattoo that you are trying to hide? If so, then you’ve probably already discovered that pants, turtlenecks/high collars, and long sleeves are your best friend. However there are some other options that work well at covering up your unwanted tattoo when you’re on your way to a job interview or elegant party. A few of our favorites are below.

Make-up: It is truly amazing what make-up can do, and it does a great job of covering up your tattoo. Many brands offer all day waterproof coverage that stays on your skin and will not rub off on your clothes. We suggest trying a few different brands to find the best one for you. Unfortunately, make-up is not a permanent fix.

Jewelry and bracelets: For tattoos on the toes, fingers, hands, ankles, wrists and neck, some chunky, bold statement jewelry can do a great job of hiding that unwanted tattoo. A large ring can hide a small tattoo on your finger, or large face watch will hide your wrist tattoo. Just spend a little time finding the right accessories and hiding your tattoo can be possible. Covering up a tattoo with clothing or jewelry is not permanent, but can be a good quick fix.

If any of these options seem like too much work, or you get tired of always covering up, Eraser Clinic would be happy to permanently remove your tattoo for good!

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