Tattooing Over A Removed Tattoo

new tattoo after laser tattoo removal

Can you apply a new tattoo on the same area of skin after laser tattoo removal? The short answer to this question is YES, and many of our clients do exactly this.

We are able to completely remove an ENTIRE tattoo (full removal), completely remove just a SECTION of a tattoo (selective removal), or simply FADE a tattoo to give you more options with your cover-up art (many local tattoo artists refer their clients to us for this exact reason). In each of these cases, the skin will be just like normal after your laser tattoo removal treatments and you will always have the option to get a new tattoo in the exact same place.

We do suggest waiting at least 6 weeks before having the treated area tattooed over again. This waiting time is just to ensure that your skin is completely healed and healthy before it sees a tattoo machine again.

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