New Pricing for Laser Tattoo Removals at Eraser Clinic

This month, we rolled out new a brand new pricing structure to simplify things for our staff and for our clients. While some things have changed, we still offer two pricing/payment options: Pay-As-You-Go and Treatment Packages. 

Read on to learn more about all of our pricing options:

Not ready to commit to a package just yet? Then our pay-as-you-go option is right up your alley. Just pay per session each time you come in for a laser tattoo removal treatment. This is the most flexible method since you don’t have to pre-pay for anything. 

Treatment Packages
Want to save more money in the long run? Consider purchasing a package – you can save up to 10% overall. Even for small tattoos, those savings can really add up! Another perk of buying a package is if you buy more treatments than are required to remove or fade your tattoo, we refund your unused treatments. 

During your tattoo consultation, you will receive a price quote for your tattoo with pay-as-you-go pricing and package pricing, so you can clearly see how much you’ll be spending per treatment and overall.

We offer two package sizes to help fit all budgets and tattoo removal needs: 

5 treatment package
If you buy a package of 5 treatments, you save 5% overall. Buying the package of 5 is a great option if you’re just looking to fade your tattoo before getting a cover-up.

10 treatment package
If you buy a package of 10 treatments, you save 10% overall. If we remove your tattoo in fewer than 10 treatments, we’ll refund your unused treatments.

Payment Plans and Financing
If you want to commit to a package but don’t have the money upfront, not to worry. We offer flexible payment plan options. 

Ready to say goodbye to your unwanted tattoos? Schedule a free consultation today at a clinic near you to find out how easy, convenient, and affordable laser tattoo removal can be. 

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