How To Speed Up Your Laser Tattoo Removal

So you’ve made a commitment to remove your unwanted tattoo, and now you want the best and fastest results possible. Laser tattoo removal is a somewhat lengthy process, requiring several treatments over at least several months, so why not try to speed it up a little?

Luckily, there are a few safe, healthy, and natural ways for you to help the process move along more quickly. Making a few little changes to your everyday life can help process your treatments more effectively — and all you’re doing is helping your immune system do its job better. Check out these tips below to really get your ink fading as quickly as possible!

Your friendly laser technician will tell you time and time again to keep your tattoo out of the sun throughout your treatment process. If you get sun exposure to the treatment area you may be denied treatment until your skin goes back to normal (it is not safe to treat sun-burned skin). Having to delay your treatments will of course prolong the process, so make sure to keep your tattoo out of the sun with sunscreen, bandages, or clothing.

We do understand that quitting smoking can be a long and very difficult process, however regular smoking decreases the effectiveness of treatments significantly. Your immune system is already working to remove smoking pollutants, which means more time and more treatments to get your tattoo completely removed. If quitting is not an option for you, we recommend trying to cut back on smoking to get the most out of your treatments. Many people have found that making the commitment to tattoo removal is a great motivator to reduce or quit smoking.

Getting your body up and moving will increase blood flow, which helps to break down the ink particles in your skin faster. Try to add more physical activity to your daily or weekly routine and you’ll be more likely to see faster results from your treatments.

Increasing your water intake can greatly impact how quickly your treatments work. Decreasing alcohol consumption will also be beneficial to your treatments because of alcohol’s dehydrating effect on the body. Staying well hydrated makes it easier for your body to process the ink, therefore your tattoo will fade faster.

Our laser tattoo removal technology is truly amazing, and treating your body right and making healthy choices in your everyday life can speed up the tattoo removal process.

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