Celebrities Have Ink They Regret Too

Just like everyone else, celebrities have tattoos that they regret, and tattoo removal has become a hot trend in Hollywood recently.

Celebrities don’t have to keep unwanted tattoos on their bodies, and neither do you! At Eraser Clinic Laser Tattoo Removal we have state-of-the-art tattoo removal lasers that safely and effectively removed unwanted tattoos — the same lasers that the celebrities in Beverly Hills use!

Actress Angelina Jolie has a number of tattoos on her body, but one that she certainly no longer sports is that of her ex-husband’s name (Billy Bob).

Kelly Osbourne has had tattoo laser removal treatments in “an effort to further reinvent herself” according to some sources.

Other famous names that have chosen tattoo removal are rapper 50 Cent, record producer and singer Pharrell Williams, and actor Charlie Sheen.

Actors have jobs just like everyone else and sometimes having a visible tattoo makes it that much harder to land the perfect role. 50 Cent has gone on record to say that he was tired of spending hours in make-up to cover up the large tattoos on his arms. This may very well be the same for you. If you have visible tattoos it may be harder to land the job you want, especially in the military or police force.

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