Can You Remove Red Tattoo Ink?

For as long as laser tattoo removal has been around, a misconception has existed that red ink can’t be removed. Since red ink a popular color for many tattoo artists, that’d be unfortunate if it were true. Thankfully, red ink is not only able to be removed, but it is actually one of the easiest colors to remove with a tattoo removal laser!  

To treat red ink, we use our Candela PicoWay laser with a wavelength of 532nm. This wavelength is perfect for removing red, orange, and other warm hues. Because red tattoo ink is often darkened with black ink, a laser technician may first treat the tattoo with the Candela PicoWay laser with a 1064 nm wavelength. By doing that first, the tattoo can first be cleared of any black ink and then treated for the remaining red ink.  

Every tattoo that undergoes laser tattoo removal at our clinics is unique and receives a custom treatment plan based on its size, colors, and multiple other factors. Each treatment plan may include the use of multiple laser wavelengths to ensure a full removal. Some tattoo pigments absorb some wavelengths of light better than others, so absorption is always a high priority for each and every laser treatment. 

Tattoo removal works by breaking up the ink particles in the skin, which your immune system then clears away. This is achieved by pulsing the laser over the tattoo which directs light energy toward the ink. Once the tattoo ink particles absorb the energy, they are instantly shattered into microscopic particles.  

Whether your tattoo contains red ink, black ink, or all the colors of the rainbow, our highly trained, certified technicians will choose the most appropriate laser wavelengths for your tattoo and its colors.  

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