Can I Exercise After My Treatment?

Exercise after laser tattoo removal

Exercising immediately BEFORE your laser tattoo removal treatment is no problem. Sweating is also no problem — and is something we can’t avoid in Texas — but we are looking to avoid things that will induce or increase swelling after your treatment.

For smaller tattoos located on the torso, take the day off following your treatment. If there is no swelling, feel free to resume your normal workout routine the next day. After your workout, take a shower and change the dressing.

For larger tattoos and tattoos on extremities, exercising increases blood flow and can cause additional swelling and possible blistering. Avoid exercise for 48 hours or until swelling in the area has subsided.

Be mindful that exercise includes activities that involve a lot of movement or swinging of the extremities like shopping, walking, and taking your kids to the park. Just think of it as a guilt-free day of taking it easy!

If you have any additional questions, simply call your clinic. We always love to hear from our clients.

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