The friendly experts at Eraser Clinic make sure you have a safe, effective, and fun laser tattoo removal treatment, every time.

Our Expert Laser Technicians

The laser technicians at Eraser Clinic are highly-trained experts in the field. Laser tattoo removal is what we do here, all day every day!

erin dinkle eraser clinic laser tattoo removal
Erin D,  AA  CLS  LSO

Annie M,  BA  CLS  LSO

Rachel T,  LE  CLS  LSO

Selenne V,  CLS  LSO

Erica C,  CLS  LSO

Isabel R,  CLS  LSO

erika ortiz eraser clinic laser tattoo removal
Erika O,  LE  CLS  LSO

Brooke E,  CLS  LSO

Madison A,  LE  CLS  LSO

Rachel T,  MPR  CLS  LSO

vanessa banda eraser clinic laser tattoo removal
Vanessa B,  LMT  CLS  LSO
jessica Lewis eraser clinic laser tattoo removal
Jessica L,  CLS  LSO
dilia barahona eraser clinic laser tattoo removal
Dilia B,  AA  CLS  LSO
nicholas tys eraser clinic laser tattoo removal
Nicholas T,  MFin  CLS  LSO

Our Medical Director

dr-myiesha-taylor-mdDr Myiesha Taylor MD is a board certified emergency medicine physician specialist and a fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians. She earned her medical degree from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, one of the top medical schools in the country.

Dr Taylor has been the Medical Director of Eraser Clinic since its founding and we benefit from her 20 years of involvement with the laser tattoo removal industry.

Fun fact: In the Disney Junior children’s program Doc McStuffins, the mother character “Myiesha McStuffins” is named after our very own Dr Myiesha Taylor.