If you are looking to have a tattoo completely removed (or faded for a cover-up tattoo), you have most certainly arrived at the right website. Eraser Clinic is the laser tattoo removal expert, with convenient locations throughout Texas.

A Little Bit About Our Clinic

Eraser Clinic uses hands-down the best tattoo removal lasers that money can buy in 2020. We are the only provider in many of our cities that has invested in this incredibly effective tattoo removal technology. Many other providers are still using the “latest lasers” from several years ago. Don’t settle for outdated nanosecond lasers!

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Laser tattoo removal is the only treatment that we perform at Eraser Clinic. We do not offer laser hair removal, vein reduction, photo facials, filler injections, or countless other aesthetic procedures. In other words, we are the laser tattoo removal experts!

Safe and effective treatments are our top priority at Eraser Clinic, and our highly trained staff deliver on this promise every time. Our Medical Director is Dr Myiesha Taylor, who is a board certified emergency medicine physician specialist with many years of involvement in the laser tattoo removal industry. And your treatments will always be conducted by a Certified Laser Specialist with deep knowledge of the entire laser tattoo removal process, from beginning to end.

We offer no-obligation Free Consultations for everyone, whether you are a first-time patient or are returning for removal of another tattoo. During the consultation, we will assess your tattoo, discuss any concerns you may have, and give you a quote for your treatment.

Our patients are often pleasantly surprised by how affordable laser tattoo removal is at Eraser Clinic. Years ago, the same procedure would be less effective and costs tens of thousands of dollars. Today, we are able to make tattoo removal affordable within almost any budget.

One final fun fact about Eraser Clinic: charitable giving is built right into our business model — as a company we donate 2.5% of all profits to local and national non-profit organizations every year.